Database Management

Database Management

Services like maintenance and backup of Corporate Databases and their Applications are often managed by the IT Manager who is not always skilled as a DBA (Database Administrator).

DBA is a Crucial Professional in every business Company which pays attention to its IT dept., as he makes a big difference in terms of data’s security and performance for the databases themselves.

Corporate data are constantly growing in dimension and it is really important that the maintenance of those data is demanded to qualified operators so to avoid problems strictly correlated to a slow performance of a non (or bad) optimized application.

Database Tuning

Just think about how many times you’ve been experiencing a performance issue on an application and you have been ping-ponged between you IT Manager who confirms the good status of the hardware and the software house who tells you it can’t see any issue on the application…or vice-versa?

The common collector between those two parts is the DBA, who finds out the bottleneck on a database like i.e. a bad compiled query.

We offer our consultancy and our assistance in the process of maintaining, optimizing and managing your Microsoft Sql Server Databases.