Server Management

Server Management

Our Certified Team of IT Professionals, can manage Installation, Configuration and management of your Network, Server Infrastructure, Domain Controllers, File Servers, Mail Servers.

Server Infrastructure

We make wide use of VMWARE to build Virtual Environments and to efficiently take advantage of hardware resources. The use of Virtual Machines allows us to build powerful systems while granting safety and reliability when a fault happens.

When planning to Install, Configure or Manage systems like the following ones, IT Impresa has you covered.

  • Domain Controller;
  • Mail server;
  • File Server;
  • Remote Desktop Server;
  • Application Server;
  • Database Server.

IT Service – Your Personal Consultant

Our knowledge allows us to help you evaluating the best solutions that the IT market offers.

We will guide you buying new servers, workstations, security systems based on IP, backup systems and much more. We offer both down-payment or rent solutions up to 60-months for all the systems you will be buying from us.