Database Management

Database maintenancecommonly

Usually, software houses don’t include maintenance and backup service plans for their customer's corporate databases, which is commonly the responsibility of the IT Manager, not always qualified as a DBA (Database Administrator).

Database Performance

The DBA plays an important role because it guarantees the security and performance of the database.
The corporate data is always growing up in volume and therefore becomes necessary to maintain the database in order to prevent applications from lagging.

How many times did you experience a performance issue on any of your business apps and the IT Manager assures that all the hardware is working correctly and, at the same time, your Software House confirms the application is problem free?
The common denominator in these two situations is the DBA, whom individuates the bottlenecks of the database, like a poorly written query.

Database Tuning

IT Impresa offers maintenance and tuning services for Oracle and Microsoft SQL servers, analyzing and understanding the business operations in order to optimize the performance of the database.


database management
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