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Database maintenance

Normally the software houses don’t include a maintenance and backup service plan for the client corporate databases, which is usually the responsibility of the client’s IT Manager, not always qualified to be a DBA (Database Administrator).

Database Performance

The DBA covers an important role because it guarantees the security and performance of the Database.
The corporate data is always growing up in volume and is therefore fundamental to maintain the database, in order to avoid sluggish applications.

How many times did it happen to suffer from a performance issue and be bounced off by the IT Manager who assures you that all the hardware is functioning correctly, and on the other side the Software House is confirming the application is problem free?
The common nominator in these two situations is the DBA, whom individuates the bottlenecks of the database, such as a poorly written query.

Database Tuning

IT Impresa offers maintenance and tuning services for Oracle and Microsoft SQL servers. By tuning one can understand all the operations performed in order to optimize the performance of the database.

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